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Douglas A-1H Skyraider.

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1 hour ago, 72modeler said:

Almost too clean for a Spad! Very nice build. I think the R-3350 leaked more oil than it burned.


Hi Mike, and thanks for the comment and I agree with you about the weathering.  I was not sure how far to go with the grime and oil after looking at the photos of the real thing.  The operational aircraft were covered in filth and stains which I found hard to go with.  It felt like too much so I stopped and I thought I put it up to get a reaction. If you notice the aircraft has no Ariels or gun barrels as I have left these off whilst I was weathering. So you have confirmed my own thoughts about the weathering - definitely more!   

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7 hours ago, Bell209 said:

Very nice work indeed! These are great kits (I've got one in my stash, too). 

I have the USAF SEA Tamiya camouflage version to do next. Typical Tamiya kit of no fuss simple kits that look good when built.  

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