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Starfighters in Combat (48020a) 1:48

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Starfighters in Combat (48020a)

1:48 Iliad Designs




This is a welcome release of Iliad’s popular sheet depicting F-104s in service around the world, all of which saw active service of some sort, at the end of one end or another of an opponent’s missiles or guns.  If you’ve seen the original set, you’ll know broadly what to expect, and it arrives in an A5 ziplok bag, with the instructions doubling as the header and a full A5 sheet of decals separated from each other by dotted lines.




The instructions are excellent as usual with a brief description and potted history of each of the seven subjects, plus more information of interest over the top of each side profile to give you more knowledge of your choice.  On the back page are overhead drawings of the aicraft, with a few photographs and scrap diagrams showing parts that differ from the norm.  The pictures consist of sensors fitted to particular airframes and will help if you need to scratch-build them to add authenticity to your build.


From the… errr bag, you can build six of the 7 projects if you have enough stencils for the rest of the airframes.


  • F-104A “D” transferred to the Pakistan Air Force from Jordan during the 1971 war with India.  The Aircraft was downed by an Indian Mig-21 on 17th December.
  • Canadiar built F-104G of the 427th TFS, 3rd TFW, Republic of China Air Force.  On jan 13 1967, Capt. Shin-lin Hu (in 4344) and Capt. Bei-Puo Shih (in 4348) surprised a group of Chinese J-6s (Mig-19s) and shot down one of each.
  • F-104C 8th TFW based at Udorn RTAFB, in 1966/7.
  • F-104C 8th TFW based at Udorn RTAFB, in 1966/7.
  • F-104C, shot down by a Chinese Mig-19 on 20th Sept 1965 with pilot Capt. Phil Smith held as POW until 1973.
  • F-104A of the Pakistan Air Force, during the 1971 war, Wing Commander Arif Iqbal shot down an Indian Breguet Alizé attacking Okha harbour.
  • F-104G 141˚ Filo, Turkish Air Force on 21st July 1974 during the Turkish/Cyprus war, mistakenly attack his own forces west off Paphos harbour, damaging two destroyers and sinking one.




The decals are printed on thick paper with excellent registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas.



With the new Kinetic kit readily available along with others in the scale, it’s a good time for this set to be re-released, and with the decal quality accompanied by good instructions it represents great value.


Very highly recommended.




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