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Test Support A-7D - 69-6217 Radar Target Mission

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Some shots of A-7D 69-6217 of the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, during a radar target mission in June 1992. The SLUFF was acting as a target and threat simulator for an F-16D radar test. Most of the mission was the two aircraft lining up at opposite ends of the test range - an area called Cords Road - and then flying towards each other at various speeds and altitudes. The A-7 would execute various briefed maneuvers or radiate ECM threat simulations. Typically the aircraft would merge and then fly through to the opposite ends of the area again - sort of like jousting - then repeat for as many events as the mission required.


Sitting on the runway for takeoff. The A-7 would take off first fly the runway circuit and call the F-16 to take off such that they joined up immediately after the F-16 takeoff. This was to allow the A-7 to inspect the F-16 for any leaking fluids, open panels, landing gear completely up, etc. Once the A-7 called "Clean and dry" the two would separate to the ends of the test area and begin the radar jousting.

69-6217 6512ts ED KEDW 19920619 02crhrrs


After the radar testing we rejoined for some formation work while returning to base. the pod on the right wing is an ALQ-167 variant. I think it was referred to as the Bullwinkle pod.

69-6217 6512ts ED R-2508 19920619 32crhrrs


69-6217 6512ts ED R-2508 19920619 19crhrrs1


The pod under the left wing is an ALQ-188. Both the -167 and -188 are used for threat simulations.

69-6217 6512ts ED R-2508 19920619 04crhrrs1


Thanks for looking,


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The last two pics are so evocative! As if you took me up there flying with you :thumbsup:



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thanks for posting another story and interesting photos Sven. We haven't had one for a bit



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On 06/03/2020 at 13:31, F-32 said:

Lovely shots, the SLUFF looks good in that scheme!

What does the second 'F' stand for?


EDIT: just Googled it. So when did SLUF become SLUFF? It was always the former back in the day (and the 'F' didn't stand for 'fellow' either) 😉

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Nice pictures and story Sven. That SLUF is very old 69-217 for the time the photo was taken.




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