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Broplan PZL P-50/1 Jastrząb 1/72 Vacuform Polish WWII fighter prototype

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Hello everyone 👋 

Some time ago @Mjwomack suggested an ‘Anything but Injection’ group build. This was and is very appealing to me. 

I love building resin and vac form kits. I haven’t done one for a long time; it was the KPM vac form

Lagg-3. A kit that I actually finished, when I returned to the hobby for the second time, around 15 years ago.


I didn’t know of any Internet forums, used my supply of 1970’s Airfix and Humbrol enamel paints, paintbrushes from the same, very old, childhood ‘model making’ box. My skills and hand/eye coordination were worse than those I had aged 10 and I bought a selection of very cheap kits. 
It was simply therapy. Relaxation, a safe place to revisit for reasons mentioned in other of my threads, sadly all unfinished, most with photographs missing.


I do hope to rectify both of those issues as health and repatriation of my stash, tools, paints, drawer of doom and so on allows. I feel I owe it to the good people that run this forum, endured my often rather odd burblings and those that followed the builds.


Here are some photographs of my chosen subject.


More details to follow :bounce: 😊 👍 






Best Regards




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Hi mate

Great to see this one making an appearance and of course being vacform, whats not to like !

Not an aircraft I'm familiar with, but that is the reason vacform kits exist. They cater for the subjects mainstream suppliers shy away from. 

Look forward to seeing the parts liberated from the backing sheet in the future. Good luck.

Cheers Pat 


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Ah, a Jastrząb. Good joice. For along time no photo of this aircraft existed until some pictures of 2 incomplete prototypes, taken by german soldiers, surfaced.

The parts look quite good. I've heared that the wall thickness on Broplan kits can be quite thin, something to be aware of. All the best.



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