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Augusta Merlin HC3


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Can anybody tell me if there are any plans for kit manufacturers to reintroduce the Augusta Westland Merlin HC3?. Will just have to keep looking on ebay otherwise. As an aside why were all Merlin HC3 kits withdrawn/discontinued?

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3 hours ago, k5054nz said:

I was about to ask about how I could go about getting a 1/72 HC.4!

You would have to combine a mk3 with a mk2....folding tail and folding head from a mk2.

Plus a pot of junglie er....grey🤔 Actually I think they look quite good in grey...and if it works for the USMC then why not....just dont create an dispersed eagle base anywhere green ...but then Junglie Merlin is operated different to its predecessors so not a problem

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9 hours ago, Richard E said:

Don't forget the rather fetching black colour scheme that at least one example is wearing.

That was the original color selected, and there are several painted that way.

The new ones are being delivered in the same light gray selected by the Italian Navy.

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