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French WWII Acrylic Paint Set (A.MIG-7228)

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French WWII Paint Set (A.MIG-7228)

AMMO of Mig Jiménez




At the beginning of WWII the French armed forces fought the advancing Germans tooth and nail to protect their homeland, hampered at every turn by their top brass that were still fighting yesterday’s war from way behind the frontline.  It also didn’t help that Blitzkrieg was still a new concept, and within a short period they were overrun by the Nazis and an armistice was signed.  During this time many French aircraft wore a three-tone camouflage of grey/brown/green over a light grey underside.


This four-paint set arrives in a clear clamshell box with a card header with some colour use suggestions on the rear.  Inside are four bottles  each containing 17ml of paint that is dispensed by a dropper that is found under the yellow screw-top cap.  Inside each bottle is a little stirring ball that rattles when agitated.  AMMO paints separate quite readily as you can see from the box photo, so having a ball in the bottle makes mixing them a lot easier.  We’re all familiar with the quality of AMMO paints by now, and they have a pretty good reputation amongst us modellers, and dry a little slower than some of the competition, which can be useful to avoid paint drying on the tip of your needle when spraying.


The paints are as follows:


A.MIG-0034 Rust Track

A.MIG-0074 Green Moss

A.MIG-0208 Dark Compass Ghost Gray

A.MIG-0228 Intermediate Blue










It’s great to be able to get sets of paint that will set you up for a French project in one hit with just the addition of some white and black to assist you with modulation if that’s your methodology.  The paints are rich with pigment, and although I didn’t get to spray them, I did brush some out on my trusty Fw.190 spray hulk, and they looked great, if a little inexpertly applied due to my lack of skill with a paint brush.




Review sample courtesy of


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