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1/32 Westland Sea King HAS.6 and HC.4

Icelandic Fine Art

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:24 AM, Icelandic Fine Art said:

Does anyone familiar with scale sizes and the Sea King have any idea what sort of diameter the rivet heads is likely to be at 1/32 scale?





Hi Alan,


I can't help directly, but @Ex-FAAWAFU  might be able to, from actual experience with the real thing, and some use of Archer decals on a 1/48 kit.



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44 minutes ago, wellsprop said:

@Icelandic Fine Art I may be able to provide a lot of help on this, particularly on the rotors (including hubs) and colour schemes. I can't send any of the info I have access to, however, I'm very happy to explain/provide contextual information.



Hello wellsprop,

Thanks for the offer of help, sounds like you work in this area, professionally. Besides all the problems right now with the Sea King, the rotor hub would be a particular technical problem to solve, as I mainly worked in aerospace on wing design, so rotor aircraft design is a big mystery to me; the other main problem is working out how to place rivets on the airframe, using steel inserts and there is a lot to place on the airframe. Crisp has kindly supplied me with drawings showing the location of the rivets on the airframe, so that will help as well. I have also enlisted the help of a NASA engineer in the USA, who said he will lend assistance.

I will accept whatever help I can get from you, at the moment things have slowed down although I am working on the main airframe and it won't be until the summertime when I will have a bigger picture of how-to approach the more technical aspects of the subject.



44 minutes ago, wellsprop said:



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