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Figure for a Friend- Age of Sigmar Chaos Sorcerer

Adam Poultney

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Today a friend gave me a model to build for her for DnD, it's a Games Workshop Chaos Sorcerer from their Age of Sigmar range. It's a miniature I'd quite like to paint so I offered to do that for her as well. I've got a lot of experience painting 40k models but very little with AoS, but it's the same techniques applied differently. I'll be working on that over the weekend to get it back to get on Monday if all goes to plan, the task of dealing with more 1/200 scale Vulcan intakes or my primer problems on my 1/72 Valiant can wait.


Currently on the bus home, I'll start work on this this evening


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Assembly of the model didn't take long, there aren't many parts to deal with. The fit was less than perfect as expected from GW kits, but good enough for 40K/AoS/DnD standards. 



The model was primed in black as I prefer working from black than white with these types of models usually.



The cloak was painted in a black green and the sword's sheath base coated in Citadel Screamer Pink, a colour I quite like. 



Next up was the armour, mostly a weathered silver with a gold trim is my plan. I'm loosely basing this on the scheme on the box.



I also started work on the trim, a rich gold basecoat that will be taken down to a much more pale bronze-gold colour.

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I finished Thursday with the model looking like this, most of the gold trim done and all the silver at least basecoated. 



I decided on applying a dark green varnish to the cloak party as I wasn't happy with the colour, I mixed citadel tint paints (I believe these are out of production now which is a shame) with Vallejo Satin varnish to create a clear dark green varnish. Much better I think although my phone's camera doesn't show it well (this model isn't easy to get good photos of)



The head was next, I'm not great at heads but this ended up ok. I wanted the eyes to have a particularly inhuman look to them, which I think I've achieved. I might highlight with another pale blue though yet. 



The base (the model has a 32mm round base and a 25mm(?) square base supplied) was painted in a simple scheme I've done a number of times which should complement the model nicely


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Just now, armored76 said:

Keep it coming :D

Certainly will do! I'm enjoying this, I have a lot of Wh40K models that, although I haven't played in months due to college timetabling getting in the way, I would like to paint. It's nice to do something different to my usual aicraft modelling. Stuff like this is much more my thing:



Next up: I'm going to add some extra flare to the model from my extensive Chaos decal collection.... Thinking I'll add something to the sheath of the sword to make it more interesting.



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Just now, armored76 said:

With table top gaming so popular, I wonder why there isn't much of this over here, in the forums.

There's a community doing well on Facebook, many large groups with thousands of members, although some are.... less friendly than others, and some are not well moderated. That said, for every one that ain't so great, there's one that really is good. 

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Bit of work later and there's not much left to do


The idea I had for the sheath didn't end up that great so I removed the decal, but I added one on the cloak, the model on the box has some freehand I don't really want to try to replicate. The hydra will do. 

A few layers of varnish up next to protect the model from handling and regular old wear and tear.

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