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B Mk VII Tiger Force, eighth one off the line!


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An interesting observation regarding B MK VIIs and mid upper turrets; I have seen many photos of MK VIIs and Xs that have had the m/u turret removed. In almost all cases the MK Xs show that the strengthening plates were retained on the fuselage after turret removal. On the MK VIIs (particularly the French Aeronavale aircraft) these strengthening plates are not evident...were they removed when converted or were they never fitted with m/u turrets?

Just thinking out loud as to whether to fit the strengthening plates without the turret or leave them off..there seems to be a lot of conflicting info as to whether the Martin turrets were actually fitted or removed later...

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43 minutes ago, Rabbit Leader said:

That’s looking great, how many coats of white is that?

Cheers.. Dave 

Thanks Dave, that's 5 coats over a grey primer, still needs a bit more on the fuselage sides but I ran out of paint!


I have some on order so hopefully it will come for the weekend. 

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