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The AMG Hornet Anti-Gravity Bike

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This AG build was an inspiration base on Adrian Quillet 3D art Hover-bike, but the original design concept was made by Mehrdad Malek. I came up with my own version to try and avoid replicating it 100%. I kit-bashed this using the T-Armata turret and one of the Anakin pod racer engine. With some scratch building and other added details from my box of tricks, I managed to put together this anti-gravity bike. There is a couple more detail I have yet to add, but overall, it is done. Hope you like the results guys.


As you can see, this is the futuristic version of a hover bike made by the famous tweak/upgrade giants of the Mercedes family.

















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3 minutes ago, Hunter Rose said:

Nice! Serious bit of kit, love the big fins and the colour scheme. 


And it's always nice to see the pod racer engines put to good use! 👍

Thank you. Yeah. Those engines are really nicely detailed, especially being an old kit.

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19 hours ago, mostrich said:

Outstanding work. The shape of that thing is very pleasing to the eye. Also the weathering is top notch!

Thank you kindly. Good to know that you liked the results.

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