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Panzer Crew Figures Acrylic Paint Set (A.MIG-7024)

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Panzer Crew Figures Acrylic Paint Set (A.MIG-7024)

AMMO of Mig Jiménez




During WWII German Panzer crews wore a dark grey/black uniform to differentiate them from the Field Grey of the Wehrmacht troops, and probably with an eye on soot and grease too!  Black is one of the more taxing colours to paint on a figure, or any model for that matter, so any help is good help.


This four-paint set arrives in a clear clamshell box with a card header and some colour use suggestions on the rear.  Inside are four bottles that are best described as shades of grey and black.  Each bottle contains 17ml of paint that is dispensed by a dropper that is found under the white screw-top cap.  Inside each bottle is a little stirring ball that rattles when agitated aggressively.  AMMO paints separate quite readily as you can see from the box photo, so having a ball in the bottle makes mixing them a lot easier, as does my electric paint shaker.  We’re probably all familiar with the quality of AMMO paints by now, and they have a pretty good reputation amongst us modellers, and as they dry a little slower than some of the competition it's a useful feature when you’re talking about painting figures.


The paints are as follows:


AMMO.F-502 Outlining Black

AMMO.F-521 Grey Light Brown

AMMO.F-522 Slate Grey

AMMO.F-530 Bluish Grey




The shades should be pretty useful for creating a good range of tones to your figure’s uniform, and if you use a wet palette (have a Google - they're quite cheap), you should be able to get a myriad of shades between each one to help your figure look more realistic.  I brushed out a few patches of the paint onto my paint hulk Fw.190 fuselage (I’m a bit short of spare figures post workshop refit), and can report that they cover well, the colours are good, with the slate grey making a good backdrop to base your scheme on, and the black adding extra depth where needed.  While the Slate Grey and Black shades look similar when separated by another colour, when used adjacent they have enough difference in tone to be noticeable as you can see below.



My amateur paint test




If you’re crewing your WWII German tank and you don’t have the right colours, you could certainly save yourself some time and head-scratching by picking up this set.




Review sample courtesy of


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