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BMP-T Terminator, Zvezda, 1/72

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The BMP-T (Terminator) is a modern Russian fighting vehicle for urban combat and close protection of tank and AFV units. As armament it received 4 9M120 Ataka rocketlaunchers, 2 2A42 30mm autocannons, 2 AG-17D grenadelaunchers and 1 7.62 machinegun. These were mounted on a heavily armored T-72 chassis, which can resist most manpads. Base for this project was the afghan war (tanks and armored vehicle were sitting ducks in the mountainious regions because the elevation of the weapons was insufficient) en the Tjetjen wars, in which manpads (man portable anti tank missiles decimated the russian tanks in the urban conflict). Since serveral versions were under development with emphasis on this "Ramka" version.


For now, these are used within Russia, Kazachstan and Algeria. Azebaijan and Peru showed interest.

The kit:











A lot of parts for a 1/72 kit, and where I'm now:

Base for 30mm canons:


I replaced the handles with wire, not really a necessity, but...:


Hull main parts:


and dryfit...:




Hard to imagine this is Zvezda... fit is really excellent...

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Make some place people    Pppppffffffffffffffffff... In these corona-times, you can't be carefull enough. So today I heard I will have a lot of modelling time ahead (economical closure of the company because we can't produce anymore, and temporary contracts are suspended for 1.5month) Some work on the Ki-46 Dinah, waiting for the parts for this kit... So it has it's advantages, my father in law reveived a new heart valve, so I'mable to help with his large garden when it's necessary...


So on-topic: the PE-set from SG-modelling finally arrived:


This one contains a jig and a lot of PE (small PE is a better definition) which is rather thick and doesn't bent easily (luckily) ...


and my first slat-armor in 1/72:



so that promised for the second one, which is angled... Jig -> unusable... and did I mention 1/72 -> small...


The tip of that pen is for size comparison... on to the next bits...


Oh and by the way, in the end I will make a comparison between the PE-parts and the original ones... It isn't really a necessity... Zvezda did a wonderfull job on this one (Did I just say that??)

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Thus far the jig was a  great help, but then I've started the new pieces... very small ones ... In which the jig wasn't realy helpfull. Tried weighing down the pieces not to move them while soldering. No avail, to little room for movement. Had one complete set, which I finally ruined... so left them a few days, removed all the solder (sanding, then heat up  again to divide the remaining solder and sand again) and restarted... So slightly applying some tin to the connections, no jig except for the trusted but rusty eyeball mkI.




Followed by the armored plates for the crew:


And a groupthingy so far, still a few more to add...


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And the award for cracking up under the strain of lockdown and working on impossibly tiny parts goes to.... 

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Thx guys,


the saga continues...


The last parts of the armor...

Wanted to do a step by step, but some pictures weren't completely sharp.

I've started with cleaning the parts with a glass-fibrepen, file away the attachment tabs and the presolder the connection points (just some flux and tiny amounts of tin). The more tin you add, the more likely it will all melt together in the end...



Then I've put one side in the jig to have one hand free, add a bit of flux to the connection, position the first bar and slightly heat the connection.. Pretty hard to take pics, already felt like juggling.. If this looks ok, then I solder the second side in the same way. Now the hardest part is done, the it is fitting the bars, apply flux and heat them up. 





Nu op naar het ophangsysteem... da's dan letterlijk op de mm²... en eventueel een kijken op deze walkaround wat nog kan toegevoegd worden...

en verder...

Time for the hinges:

copper wire from coils has a clear protective coat applied, best way to removeis to burnit away with a lighter


which results in a black wire which can easily be cleaned up (sandpaper, glass-fibre, ...):


next is to apply flux and tin to the wire, and it'sready to use:



This wire is pulled through both openings to get a good alignment


then apply a tiny amount of flux:


next is to squeeze the tin as flat as you can and cut some tiny (very tiny) pieces from it:


put these in the location you want them:


and heat slightly (due to the tiny amounts it will melt right away)


finaly cut of the excess material and testfit...:


The leftovers were used for the mounting brackets:


and for the spaced armor for the crewentrances:


that's it for the soldered parts 😉


The front lights of the tank are made of several parts:


Small pieces, to clean these up I lay them on a glass plate and cut off the attachment tabs in a straight line. The small remaining pieces are easy to cut off then and with a small diamond file I make them round again



I know a 1/72 scale halfgod scratchbuilder ( also known as Alex Clark) who would thin these to the bare minimum... but luckily I'm not him.


Almost time for camo choise:


Other variant, but nice...


The one from the box-art


Most chosen livrey


this one is also a high probability:



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Amazing work with the soldering. I'm surprised that you didn't use wire to replace the headlamp guards though.



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Finally some progress on this one too. I've installed the slatarmor at the sides (permanent) and at the rear (temporary):


The first dryfit of the bottom piece of the lower sidearmor gave me an instant facepalm moment... The part was ok, but mirrored (jigs... you have to mount the parts upside down, yeah, you know...) So back to start, spend some time in jail thinking about it and don't receive money for a job not well done...  jadajadajada... so all was desoldered, resoldered and a half an hour later I was ready to start ...  again...



so more to cut away, but it looks promising. beware of the beautiful original parts... The PE isn't a necessity, I can't stress this enough)



The bottom protruding corner was left, mainly becaus it was like this on the original part, but also for some extra gluing surface...



still a bit of CA to clean, but so far so good...


Next, the rear armor, a plethora of small parts, all needed to be aligned during mounting... didn't work out like this... So I took the soldering apparatus again, and soldered the brackets and top-parts as a whole... gave me the creeps, but it resulted in a manageable and mountable part...



albeit fragile...

and dryfit:


The barrels are from Zedval, they also included the antenna base, but that part is still in their bin, and I received some burrs, Also a wire has been added to the camera:





The tow-cables needed some small PE, also added a small locking handle:


and a rear view:


ready for primer....

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Once again, excellent work with the photo etch. I am truly gobsmacked at what you have achieved. Well done.



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Ppppfffffffff..... off with the dust...


Finally made a choise for the camo



so I've started with the base color. Tried AK-real colors for the first time. Nice paint, but I still prefer Tamiya/Gunze... you can clean the pipet which I use to suck up the paint with water, but when using the AK, you can't. The paint solidifies directly.

So first AK 906977-11032-52-pristine.jpg


Looking very pale. I know not much sun nowadays, but still...



Better IMHO, next up...blutack...




And filling the voids for overspray:


Same principle, but the sausages are squeezed flat.

And first test for the color:


And dryfit to the hull:




Due to the overlapping armor I have to paint the various sections separately and try to make the camo fit....


On with more blutack..


And removed...








Me happy so far...

So a test by fitting the various pieces:




Not completely fluid... 


This side however made me:


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holy ^&*$^%*&^$$ thats good - and that PE - I thought I was good being able to solder 2 bits of PE in 1/35! Nice paint scheme too - personally I prefer the pixelated Caunter scheme as used by the "alternative reality" British Army in the desert in 2020 (thats the back story for my 1/35 build - I may even use some Matilda decals to add to the story)

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Posted (edited)

I've tried an expo-camo on the MSTA before,  and that was a pain to mask:


That is a lot of packing for each color... didn't want to do this again... so I'm curious how yours will turn out... Next up in a near future I see a Challenger II, thinking about plain green and not the new camo...




And main parts packed again:





Exiting... drumroll...






Me happy... (very euphemistic expression...)

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What beautiful work, everything that you have done is just amazing, excellent PE work down to the painting. Wonderful work indeed...:clap:



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Thank you,


Started painting and adding the details..

Some nerves came up when adding the slatarmor at the back... but I managed to join the painted pieces without breaking them ... and kept them movable tooo



Missiles to the sides off the cupolla:





Need to redo, the spacing left and right isn't equal...

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