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TA-05, mixed propulsion C-47

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Hi Guys, during a trip to Argentina a few years ago I gota guided tour around TA-05, which the Argentine Air Force fitted with a Turbomeca marbore from a Morane Saulnier Paris. The aircraft was used during antarctic flights and crossed the continent in the late 60s, from Arhgentine territory to Scott Base.


49527378518_9b936cb3d2_b.jpgTA-05 1


The intake for the jet was on the dorsal fin where the yellow warning is written. Note that the hori stab has additional strengthening and the control surfaces are metal rather than fabric.


49528114822_615410bbee_b.jpgTA-05 3


The crude nature of the conversion can be seen in the exhaust and bracing structure.


49527888231_a5a69f4307_b.jpgTA-05 4


Fuel tanks fill the entire cabin, restricting its useful load.


49528114732_851a3c7d09_b.jpgTA-05 7


The flight deck betrays a few differences from the standard C-47.


49527378383_f0ac40a853_b.jpgTA-05 9


Ducting for the intake and location of the engine.


49527378303_92f2fcb19b_b.jpgTA-05 10


More images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157713087827148/with/49527378383/


Thanks for looking.



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Might make an interesting subject for an adventurous modeller to tackle, the colour scheme is colourful enough to make it look interesting.

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Fascinating! Never heard of a C47 with a jet engine installed before. Amazing what you find out on here.

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Like the squadron badge on the Me-163-  "Like a flea, but oh-ho!"


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