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Medium Sized Paint Rack (Professional Range)

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Medium Sized Paint Rack (Professional Range)

Model Designs Ltd




Storing your paint can be a frustration, taking up loads of drawer space and still not very accessible if you end up with more than one layer like I have.  Paint racks are the ideal solution, and you can get a number of styles, the vertical wall-mounted ones being the most space efficient with one proviso.  You must have the space on your walls to accommodate them.  Model Designs have created a range of modelling systems that include paint rack in Professional and Essential ranges.  The Professional ones are laser cut from 5mm acrylic in black and clear and look rather swanky, while the Essential range are cut from MDF so they’re more affordable.  There are a number of types and sizes available in both ranges so that you can buy whatever size you need, and you can choose the hole size to match your intended brand.


Whatever you buy will arrive in a sturdy card box with the parts safely cocooned in polystyrene foam that is cut to accommodate the parts, and everything is held together by clear tape.  The top and bottoms of the boxes are protected with bubble-wrap, and each set of parts is held together by blue insulation tape to prevent chaffing.  The acrylic sets are covered with a protective film that you must peel off before you start, and any fixtures and fitting are inside ziplok bags and are again taped down to prevent slippage and damage occurring in transit.


Mark has kindly sent us a Medium paint tack and Workstation from the Professional Collection, so we’ll look at them separately.


Medium Paint Rack (Professional Collection)

This arrives in a large box, with the finished rack measuring 575mm x 473mm x 55mm (H x W x D), and holding 66 paints.  You can choose three hole sizes to match your paint provider, and the smallest will hold 90 bottles for comparison.  My review sample has 38mm holes and I have so far tested Tamiya, Gunze, and Lifecolor but can’t yet find my RealColor, although I’m sure they’ll fit.  Here is a list of the sizes:


  • Holds 66 38mm holes for Tamiya\Gunze etc.
  • Holds 66 34mm holes for MRP\Alclad etc.
  • Holds 90 27mm holes for Vallejo\Hataka etc.


The top of the box contains the rack horizontals and frames, with the rear fully occupied by the back plate, which has numerous slots cut into it along with six holes down the sides for brackets.  The top of the back plate is curved for aesthetic reasons, and has two holes for attaching to the wall.  The remaining items in the box are two bags of fixtures and fitting, plus an A4 sheet of instructions to help you along.




You begin by adding three L-shaped metal brackets down each side of the black back, using the recesses at the rear to hold the nuts and fitting the short bolts with their washers from the front, securing each bracket in place.  It’s best done with the back laid flat on the desk or floor, as you have to add in the six shelves next.  Each shelf consists of a clear top layer with eleven 38mm holes cut through it, and a clear lower to support the bottoms of the bottle.  With all the shelves in place, you offer up the black side frames, aligning all the tabs and slots up before securing them with more bolts, after which you can tighten all the bolts taking care not to over-tighten them and round off the nut sockets.  With nothing in the rack it does rattle a bit due to the tolerances, but as your average wall doesn’t move around it shouldn’t be an issue when it is installed and filled with your preferred paints.




The two remaining holes at the top are for hanging your rack, and as the holes are quite large, I added washers to my screws to spread the load and prevent them pulling through down the line.  A pair of large dome headed screws are probably the best type to use, but I didn’t have any around at the time.  In practice the rack is easy to use, having plenty of finger space around each pot, and a decent clearance above for those of us with sausage fingers.  There’s a little leeway around even the largest bottle they’re intended for, so you’ll never struggle to get them out unless you put them away with super glue on the bottom.  Then you’re in trouble!



I love the slick look of the black and clear acrylic together, and I think that the design is just right for picking and putting your paint in and out of the rack.  My only comment would be to use black hardware instead of the silver to make them blend into the back panel, which you could do yourself with a spray can before construction.  Very classy, and highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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10 minutes ago, chiefwiggum said:

Any price structure yet? They look really nice?

In the link - £78





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Wish I could get something like this but which I could 'hook' to the back of my work table rather than bolt to the wall. Maybe I could 'DIY' an L bracket to achieve this? Would sure free up space on the table as well as providing much better and more space for my paints 'n' stuff.

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