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Greg B

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This forum area is for chat of an aviation minded nature in regards to non specific aviation subjects.


It is not the correct area to post questions/requests such as:


Underside colour used in 1944, how to thin XX brand of paint, requests for plans, wanted requests for kit parts, why isn't website XXXX working etc.  Also, the use of the words "Apologies if this is in the wrong area" does not cut it with the Moderating team, we see it too often.


If it is a question about an aircraft, its colours etc please post it in the correct time period area. If it is a question about paint, post it in the paint section, if its a wanted request, post it in the wanted area etc.


Any such posts will be removed without exception as this area is being overrun with spurious posts making the useful posts difficult to find and it is now in the process of being de-cluttered.

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