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Mission logs, 12th AF, USAF?

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Hello all,

I've stumbled upon a minor event in the war that was reported in the local newspaper some time ago. In short: twelve labourers working under the Todt organization and an RSI soldier were killed on 18th January 1945 when Allied planes were attacking bridges near Pieris and a bomb either fell or bounced into the bunker (a trench maybe?) in which they had sheltered.

The railway bridge in question is part of the Venice-Trieste line and crosses the Isonzo (Soča) river at 45°48'32.3"N 13°25'38.7"E. A small monument has been erected on the east bank but I do not know whether it is in the same position as the shelter.

The newspaper says that the attacking planes were RAF Thunderbolts but I find that unlikely. An educated guess is that the raid was carried out by the 12th Air Force, possibly the 57th FG which was based out of Grosseto at the time.

I didn't much like the tone of the article, which does such thing as to put the word "mission" in quotes, and would like to know if a mission log exists describing the events from the opposite viewpoint.

Thanks in advance,


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