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RAF Catalina Upper Surfaces Colour

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Hi all,


I am currently building a 1/72 Catalina (Academy), a model which has been sitting on the shelf for literally years and have decided to paint it in the livery of a late war 210 Squadron aircraft.


I hope to go for a simple colour scheme of mid grey upper surfaces and white lower surfaces. 


Would any forum members be able to give me the correct Humbrol grey colour.


Many thanks,





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The correct late war topside colour was just Extra Dark Sea Grey, but this faded quite rapidly to a lighter bluer colour.  You could try Dark Sea Grey with a dab of blue. As most of not all model paint appear very dark on models.   EDSG and Dark Slate Grey was used before that for upper surfaces in the regular pattern, initially with Sky undersides.


The fuselage sides would be matt white and the undersides gloss white.  I think it was that way round, I'll try to check later.


Dark Sea Grey was only used in WW2 to replace EDSG on the lower wings of biplanes when the shadow shading scheme was in use.

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