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EVA Reports - a note on dating

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If you check these things, you may have noticed that (particularly with the NASA flights) the dates I give for EVAs don't always correspond with those in official mission reports. For instance, today (15 February) I gave details of the second EVA from STS-82, a Hubble maintenance mission. NASA lists this as taking place on the fourteenth.


That's because, as with last year's launch and landings reports, I'm working in Universal Time, as used by astronomers - the same as GMT to all intents and purposes. The Hubble EVA began at 0325 UTC on the fifteenth, which was late evening on the fourteenth in Houston.


This will be most noticeable on 20 July, when I'll be listing two EVAs, neither of which will involve Armstrong and Aldrin. That took place on the twenty-first, Universal Time, so don't be surprised!

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