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Great Wall Hobby 1/144 Vulcan

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Hi All,
Here are some shots of a model I finished a while ago. It's Great Wall Hobby's 1/144 Vulcan, shown after it's emergency diversion to Rio at the end of Black Buck 6. I'm sure you'll be aware that the Black Buck missions were flown against Argentinian forces occupying Port Stanley in 1982. The recovery to Rio was an outstanding piece of airmanship, that you can read about  HERE.

It's posed on a simple base, with Preiser 1/144 NATO figures to represent the crew. There's a full build log in the 'Completed Models' page of my blog - www.latibuliser.com





Thanks for looking in,

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It seems Vulcans are in fashion right now. My 1/200, one in the Kuta XII GB, robvulcan building the trumpeter kit and now this awesome build. This is very impressive.

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That’s very nice! The figures especially set the scene really well.


There certainly is a spate of Vulcans on the go here at the moment, it’s great for those of us who love the old girl 

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14 hours ago, VMA131Marine said:

Really nice Vulcan, but ... should it not have the IFR probe? 😉

All the photos show the probe still in place so I assume that if anything actually broke off it was jus the tip.

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