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Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy (J6033)

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Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy (J6033)

Airfix Quickbuild




Jaguar, like a lot of car companies are moving toward electric vehicles (EV) and away from Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) power for their future ranges in an effort to cut down the emissions to those of the power-stations that will hopefully get more efficient (i.e. less polluting), or be replaced by renewables over time.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so while they’re touted as zero emissions, that only relates the vehicle whilst driving which we would all do well to remember.  It has a range of around 230 miles between charges, which is pretty good for an EV.


Jaguar have created a tweaked racing version called the eTrophy for the burgeoning electric-only racing series that is becoming popular now, and a group of race prepared I-Pace Jags form part of the additional entertainment that surrounds the main Formula E races.  This may seem frivolous on the face of it, but racing has always been the melting pot for pushing technology and improving all facets of motor vehicle production, with little reason to assume this will be any different.  Hopefully the break-throughs made with these races will find their way into the electric vehicles of tomorrow.


Sorry about the rambling intro – this is a Quickbuild kit from Airfix’s fun range that provides access to realistic-looking models without the need for tools other than perhaps a pair of tweezers to accurately place the stickers.  This is a new tooling with 40 parts, and arrives in one of their orange boxes with a hanging-loop included in the top should the retailer wish to display them on a carousel.  Inside are two bags of parts in tough ABS plastic with the clear parts in the smaller second bag, a sheet of stickers and an A3 fold-out instruction sheet printed in colour on both sides.  The parts are in three colours with black for the underbody, wheels and tyres, white for the interior and sky blue for the body panels.  The sprue-bound wheels have flexible rubber tyres also on their own sprue, and another short sprue holds the two small wing mirrors.










Construction starts with the floor and axles, then adds arches in blue, the front lights and supports for the grille, the interior in white, with the dash having a number of stickers to improve the detail.  The front bumper is clipped onto the front to allow the glazing part to cover the interior, which is in turn covered by the rear boot lid, spoiler, then over the course of the next page the remaining body panels are clicked into place.  The tyres slip over the wheels, a spoiler slots into two holes in the rear window, then you’re onto the stickers of which there are quite a few.  My sample were a little susceptible to scratches removing the printing, so take care when you’re handling them.  They all go down well with the big Jaguar emblem on the rear side panels being the hardest to do well.  You might find yourself left with a white text Jaguar sticker at the end, which is hidden under the spoiler and is hard to see on the instructions.  It took me a minute to find it by looking for an arrow with 24 on it.







I like these kits, and my son does too.  His little eyes lit up when I showed him the box the other day, and I’m sure it’ll be played with a lot like the others he’s got.  It won’t stay together long as he’s a destructive little blighter, but it’s a piece of cake to put back together again, and you soon won’t need the instructions once you’re familiar.






Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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