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Resin Missiles & Pod Sets for February 1:48

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Resin Missiles & Pod Sets

1:48 Eduard Brassin




Eduard’s excellent Brassin range of weapons gets bigger each month, and here we have a raft of different weapons and pods for you to feast your eyes on.  As is now usual with Eduard's smaller resin sets, they arrive in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions wrapped around, doubling as padding.  Each set contains decals and Photo-Etch (PE) where appropriate and has a painting guide included in the instructions.



PAVEWAY I Mk.83 Slow Speed LGB Thermally Protected (648480)

This larger set is in a double-tall box due to the size of the parts and consists of 16 resin parts.  From these you can build two of these Laser Guided Bombs which are made up from the main body with the textured thermal coating on the explodey part.  The tail unit fits on a keyed lug in the back of the body, and four steering vanes are added to the intelligent part of the bomb, inserted into little holes.  At the front you can either glue a covered-up seeker, or one that is ready to fly, remembering to check your references if you’re not sure about the angle of the dangle.  You’ll need to drill some 3.5mm holes in the rear of the tail for accuracy, and some 0.9mm holes in the seeker heads to put them in place on the nose.








AN/ALQ-71(V)-2 ECM Pod (648491)

A Vietnam era pod and you can build two with different nose cones as there are two bodies included.  There is also a choice of three tail cones, either flat, pointed or rounded, with one of each provided.  One nose cone has a choice of two types of blades for the spinner, while the other has a smooth nose cone.  There’s a choice of blade antennae fitted to the underside with suggestions given in the instructions, plus two lugs that slot into the top.








AN/ALQ-71(V)-3 ECM Pod (648492)

Another Vietnam era pod used against SAM missiles, this set has a common body and two choices of nosecone, two shackles and a choice of antennae that were fitted depending on the requirements of the mission.  One nose has small blades on the spinner, while the other has a simple aerodynamic fairing.  A few small lengths of 0.3mm wire from your own stock will be needed to link the smooth nosed cone to the body, so remember to have some handy.  The blades have a few suggestions included on the instructions, plus scrap diagrams showing painting and decaling.








AN/ALQ-87 ECM Pod (648493)

Made by General Electrics, this is an active ECM “barrage jammer” pod that is fitted externally to the carrying aircraft, and was used in the Vietnam era.  There are three variants included in the box, and you can build two of your chosen type from the set.  The common tail part has a resin shackle fitted to its top, then you choose one of the front sections and apply the second shackle.  The noses available have a flat tip, a small spinner with two tiny resin blades, or an aerodynamic cone, and they could be fitted out with various external antennae as the mission required, with plenty of these blade antenna included and a scrap diagram showing which could be fitted where, but check your references for complete certainty if you can get good enough pictures of the pod and antennae.







AIM-132 ASRAAM (648506)

The Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile is a modern replacement for the Sidewinder that is being used by a number of Allied forces due to its advanced electronics that improve its accuracy in the short-range envelope.  This set includes resin and PE parts for two missiles, with four rear-mounted steering vanes, a clear seeker head, and PE exhaust ring to its streamlined body.








SUU-14 Dispenser (648507)

More Vietnam era weapons, this time in the shape of a submunitions dispensers often carried by Skyraiders amongst others.  Inside the six tubes were lots of bomblets of various types that were rather nasty, and were pushed out backwards by a piston within the tubes, so remember to put the exposed ends at the rear.  You get four sets of tubes with hollow barrels, with a nose thimble and PE attachment ring added at the front (the closed end).  The yellow bands tell you it’s live.







There’s such a range of weapons available from Eduard now, and with the new packaging they’re more compact, so cheaper to transport and easier for us modellers to store, whilst being a little better for the planet if you remember to recycle the boxes.  Detail is excellent throughout and casting is flawless as usual.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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