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Norwegian Ar.196

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Hi all.  My entry for this GB will be my second Nordic build of the year - my first being a Finnish Il-28 in the Nordic GB.  


I'm planning to represent each of the five Nordic countries over the course of 2020 and this time it's Norway's turn! 

I'm therefore going to build an Arado Ar,196 float plane, that was briefly operated (for just 11 days to be precise), by the Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service.


As many of you will know, the Ar.196 was standard issue for larger German warships during WWII and sure enough, my Norwegian plane actually started its career aboard the cruiser Admiral Hipper.


At the beginning of April 1940, the Admiral Hipper formed part of the flotilla carrying German troops for the invasion of Norway.  On 8th April, whilst en-route up the Norwegian coastline, Admiral Hipper and the German destroyer Bernd von Arnim, engaged the RN destroyer HMS Glowworm and ultimately sank her.  At the start of the engagement, as was standard practice, Admiral Hipper launched its Ar.196.  Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the plane was unable to return to the ship and had to make a forced landing at Lyngstad, in Norway.  After apparently trying to buy fuel from some locals, the aircrew were detained and handed over to the Norwegian police.  Meanwhile the plane was towed away, repainted with Norwegian markings and assimilated into the Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service.


On 18th April, the Ar.196 was successfully evacuated to Britain by a Norwegian pilot, but was shortly afterwards destroyed in a crash (whilst being flown by a British pilot), en route for testing at the Helensburgh air base.


For a kit, I'll be using one of Trumpeter's 1/200 scale series of naval aircraft.  These are sold as supplements to Trumpeter's 1/200 scale warship kits (the Bismark in this case), but are sweet little kits in their own right.  I made their Walrus in last year's Float Plane GB and really enjoyed it.




Unusually, the kits are moulded in clear plastic - which thankfully is not at all brittle.

Strangely, Trumpeter have chosen not to provide a plastic canopy piece, but instead give you a PE frame which has to be folded into shape.  No reference is made to glazing.  I'm not sure if glazing is necessary in this scale, but it should be easy enough to do using Krystal Klear if necessary.  PE is also provided for the floats' bracing wires.




It'll be March before I start, but I'm looking forward to it!





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My god, it’s tiny! What a choice! Should be a quick build 😃

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And I expected a ship build ...pass the magnifying glass ... that is small but very interesting, it will be fun to watch it come together,

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Thanks for the history behind this build Cliff, such a shame it got ruined in Scotland having overcome so much to get there. 

Best of luck with the build


cheers Pat 

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