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USN F2A-2 of VF-3 Circa 1941 *** Finished***


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Hi All,


Little more of an update


I gave the aircraft a coat of Model Master Semi Gloss, probably should have

used Gloss, so we wait and see?



So ready for decaling

The Aero Master sheet, I have noted, is missing a few items for this particular airframe.

First off is the Vertical Stabilizer Aircraft model  Type (i.e. F2A-2) in white, along with Tail number

and cowling number



Sheet instructions do not show them either



If you look at a period Photo of 3-F-7 in the link below, you can see what I mean

F2A-2 - 3-F-7


I managed to find a couple of White 7's, probably a tad bigger than they ought to but, saved

me having to paint over black numerals.

On to some photos




The cowling 7's



Not a lot to the scheme, but I like it :thumbsup:

Of course the decals didn't go on or down with outfight or a fuss, but got there in the end ^_^

I'll let that all dry overnight, and add a sealer tomorrow

Looking at  the Photo link above, 3-F-7 does not look too weathered or grubby, so I'll have a think

about weathering (exception being exhaust/oil stains)


Thanks for looking in, more soon





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Hi All,


Something of an update,


So I removed the canopy masking, and I was not a happy camper,

as the masking really didn't do what I had hoped, and something

got inside the canopy - plus some of the canopy adhesive got onto

the fuselage, so a nasty mess there




Well............ Thank goodness for Kleer/Future and dipping canopies into such

a wonderful invention :thumbsup:


This is not the first time Kleer/Future has saved me from a canopy disaster.

I dipped/soaked the canopy (after removal from fuselage in some Methylated Spirits


(For those not familiar; From Wiki - Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits (in Australia, New Zealand,

South Africa, and the United Kingdom) Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits or wood spirit or

denatured rectified spirit, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting)


The Canopy with old paint/Kleer/Future removed, and re-dipped in Kleer/Future - Nice and shiny :D


You will notice some Aluminum foil, that I have painted (one side Interior colour other side Exterior colour),

sitting under the canopy, with a metal 6cm rule next to it - read on



I have done this previously, and has worked well for me

I cut the painted foil into thin strips and using Krystal Klear, I glue the foil to the canopy using the framing

as a guide (plus any excess Krystal Klear wipes off with a water wet Q-Tip/Cotton Bud)



Front of canopy



To me quite looks the part when sitting on the fuselage - much more to be done though

You may also note some small spots where the paint will need to be touched up

To add to the frustration, the 7's I put on the cowling ring came off ;)



I removed the masking from the lower fuselage clear transparency - not so bad, but sits lower than it

should, have to live with that one

I have added the main landing gear too, along with the main gear doors




Well that's all for today, thanks for looking in, more soon :)





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Hi All,


Apologies for the lengthy delay in finishing this build, had some

other "Essential" issues occupying my time ^_^


Final update for this Group Build


I completed the canopy framing, and looks so much better



Canopy sitting on the fuselage, and you can see some paint patching too...



I tried painting the "Rubber" tip of the Propeller cone, and failed miserably, so

I punched out a 1mm black decal and sealed it with varnish - looks quite nice I think :D



Added all the remaining items wheel etc, and finished painting the tri-colour blade tips

(that caused some headaches but got there in the end)




Everything now together:thumbsup:




I decided to keep the weathering to a bear minimum, being a Navy aircraft, in the given time frame

the only thing missing from an accuracy point is the aerial from the main line to the point on the

fuselage below the canopy frame.


Thanks for looking in, learnt a lot about my myself and modelling skills I have (or Don't ^_^)

Really glad I was able to participate in this Group Build, and a big thank you to our Hosts :thumbsup:


More Photos in the Gallery








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