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Airfix HMS King George V


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1 hour ago, Francis Macnaughton said:

When a RN ship sails, as soon as all lines/ropes etc have been let go the Union Jack and White Ensign are hauled down and a smaller Sea Ensign ( a White Ensign) is hauled up, usually located well up the main mast and it will stay there until the ship comes back into harbour.     While the ship is leaving harbour the Jack staff and Ensign staff and any supporting tripods will be taken down and  stowed away to leave gun turret arcs and flight deck approaches clear of obstruction.  The reverse procedure is used when returning to secure alongside in port.

Excellent,  thanks very much. There appears to be evidence of a small tripod for the Jack staff in one picture I have seen but this is barely taller than the railings. 

At least it saves yet more brittle things from snapping off 😁

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