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Shopping Around - Uncovering The Northrop T-38A/AT-38/T-38C Talon

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I have already bought the kits , Heritage Talons decals are on their way from Two Bobs and so thought this afternoon that I would get a copy of Willy Peeters book on the above for all of the little detail bits in the one source , first stop DACO with a new copy for just under 20 Euros but as always had a quick look elsewhere to see if there were bargains going.


Discovered that the great digital river in the sky could do me a new copy for 120 pounds (second-hand from 65) while a clearing website for bookshops globally with 'A Passion For Books' had a choice of three second-hand from 121 to 1794 pounds  with only another 54 pounds shipping on the latter.


Thought about it for a long, hard millisecond so book and a set of aircraft bookmarks on their way from Danny for 30 Euros including shipping , sometimes it pays not to shop around.

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