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Hawaiian 🌺 Airbus A321neo in 1/144

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8 hours ago, Turbofan said:

Hi Alistair,

What a lovely model in a smart livery! The grey leaves on the fuselage must be a new addition I'm sure their 767s didn't have them.

Glad to hear the 8a decals work well, I wouldn't mind getting some of his sets but not got around to it yet. Also want to get the new Revell Neo kits too. I nearly got an  A321 at a recent model show but didn't, I wish I had because it looks nice. Might wait until the A320 comes out with undercarriage though. Not that I need any more A320s!

What colour paint did you use for the ring just in front of the fans?



Hi Ian,

Thank you 😃. Yeah I think it was a new addition when they rebranded, I think it looks really nice adorned over the fuselage. I wish they had released the A320neo kit with the undercarriage as well, I currently have one but don’t like the idea of of it being on a stand. Haha... I have a fair few A320s 😂
The green used is Revell 55 light green, it’s only on the P&W engines.



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On 12/02/2020 at 23:35, Graeme H said:

Wonderful scheme, and done so very well 👍

Thank you Graeme 😃


On 12/02/2020 at 23:52, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

Very nice work there Alistair, I hope to see these one NEOs in the flesh later in the year when I trip to Honolulu again. The Hawaiian scheme is rather elegant IMHO.


I have an A330 to do in the previous Hawaiian scheme to represent an aircraft we flew on a couple of years ago. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.



Thank you very much. I agree definitely, it is a lovely scheme. I’m hoping to do a Jet2Holidays 738 in the registration of one we flew on holiday a few years ago. 

I’m looking forward to your finished A330 👍🏻.





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Lovely job!


Any problems painting the engine fan case interior? The electric green sidewalls abutting the dark grey fan appear a tad challenging...

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