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1/48 ZM F-4J Phantom -- VF-114 Aardvarks

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2 hours ago, Alan P said:

Exemplary Phantom, one of the very best I've seen on these forums. 


Well done Bill, superb work. 

Thanks Alan! It means a lot to hear that from you. 

- Bill

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18 hours ago, thorfinn said:

'Exemplary' is a singularly appropriate term; truly a thing of beauty from tip to tip and top to bottom!


12 hours ago, ivan-o said:

Absolute stunner 👌


9 hours ago, Bell209 said:

One phine Phantom!


3 hours ago, RMCS said:



1 hour ago, Billy54 said:

Very nice, I like it a lot. 


57 minutes ago, Graham T said:

That's outstanding.  I wish I could weather a model like that!


46 minutes ago, Vultures1 said:

Wow.  Phabulous Phantom - well done!


13 minutes ago, Rich F said:

Great looking Rhino!👍


Many sincere thanks to everyone for your gracious comments. I'm overwhelmed by all the positive response to my Aardvark.



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Really nice, well done!!! I like the weathering in particular, a very convincing and realistic finish.

n.b. I think the forward nose wheel door seems to have slipped, the top edge of the door should be more or less right up against the fuselage.





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2 minutes ago, JeffreyK said:

I think the forward nose wheel door seems to have slipped

Hmmm... That’s very strange, I’m sure it was in the correct position at one time. Thanks for catching that!

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Holding my breath, I was able to remove the errant nose gear door, without causing any collateral damage, and relocate it to its proper location (you can also see I’ve repaired the “200” decal):






The root cause turned out to be a design error on ZM's fault (compounded by my inattention during assembly). The locating tabs on top of the door are too long:



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