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Italeri Sea Harrier FRS.1, XZ451 “VL”,  700A Flight FAA.


Out of the Box with Master turned brass pitot and angle of attack sensor.  Painted with Hataka and Vallejo acrylics.











Based on a photo in the Haynes book with only the inboard pylons fitted and no load.



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Calling this one done!  What a sweet kit, minus the wiring harness on the engine (it's omitted on my build, lost patience with it).


Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 Profipack w/ kit decals.  Only extras are the gun barrels as since I tend to model with the "Bull in a China Shop" mentality...........they got broken off.  Still need to figure out stars/bars or stencils.  They still plague me.


Blues are Mr Color, most everything else is Tamiya.  Had the wings all done up nicely then had to touch up and lost the work.  Didn't feel like fixing it.


Full series of pics here on Flickr












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HMS Victory, Airfix gift set of the 1956 original kit. Painted with the Humbrol paints included in the gift set. For the black lines on the hull I used Xtradecal transfer strips. Flags, nameplate and transom from the kit transfer sheet which was produced by Cartograph. Took a bit of work but IMHO anyway, it makes a presentable model. 











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Royal Navy deck Tractor from F4Models. Resin kit with some etch. Brush painted with Revell NATO Olive and glossed up with Klear. Lovely tiny little transfers and finished as one of HMS Illustrious's machines. Some parts a little fiddly but good shape and went together OK despite my cack handed use of cyano. 












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