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Something new from MiniArt for Arab-Israeli fans

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MiniArt's announced-so-far 2020 items from the Arab-Israeli arena.  The APC is already "in progress", although that usually means at least 3 months away.  I'd already put a T-54 kit and some bits aside to convert one of these.  That will become a Syrian T-54B now.  Or go on eBay.......


I'm hoping they don't do the companion turreted APC-55 as I splashed out £30-odd on the Samer Kassis conversion kit which will then become virtually worthless!  There are quite a number of yet-to be announced blank spaces in the 2020 catalogue......................




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Nice find!

The 1973 war is well covered in terms of vehicles, and I`ve been surprised how difficult it is to source appropriate crew.

I`d probably would have preferred another Israeli tank crewman that I could use, rather than Ariel Sharon looking for an argument with his own shadow, but it`s a valuable set all the same, bagsie me one! :thumbsup:

Cheers, Ian 

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The APC-54 seems to be available now, as is the early Tiran-4Sh with BTU-55 dozer.  Sadly I can't paint figures to save my life.....................

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