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airbrush cleaning pot; not sealing cos GLASS is warped?

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Yes the glass, not the lid. Has anyone else seen it before? Got one of the small ones from ebay, generic version of the Revell branded and Iwata branded cleaning pots. After a few months noticed it was venting vapour from the threads of the lid, and one day the lid came clean off. under inspection, noticed that the glass itself was deformed around the lip and threads, so much so that it wont screw down at allmnow. 

Bought one of the larger yellow lidded ones from Bartsharp.  Big conical shaped one. Turns out to be too big for my spray booth and as well will not hold my Aztek safely. After a few weeks noticed the very same issue. Lid is fine, but won't screw closed as glass is warped. Am I just unlucky or does a combination of IPA, white spirit and cellulouse thinner cause glass to melt? If the plastic lids did I'd understand, but the glass? Has anyone else seen this before?

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If there were any chemicals you are using that would cause glass to warp you're already in trouble from a health POV anyway unless you have some serious PPE... Same goes for heat, I've worked on float lines and in the biggest automotive glass plant in the world so I can assure you you'd have noticed if your hobby area reached the temperatures needed for glass to melt or warp.


Is the jar actually glass or some sort of plastic? if it is maybe the lid has actually warped and if the jar was never properly moulded it was previously not round but maybe is now? (much more likely than a glass jar).

Are there any other jars you can try it on? There are loads of 3d printed caps that fit jam jars that work fine.

I ended up buying the actual Iwata one as its the only jar I found that accommodates MAC valves on the front of your brush, my old jar meant I had to put the brush in at weird steep angles.

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It should seal at the threads - the threads won’t be gas tight.


There should be a spongy seal in the lid that compresses onto the top of the glass.  Is that spongy seal present or are you saying that the top of the bottle is not flat, so much so that the sponge doesn’t compress enough to compensate.  If the latter you could turn the bottle upside down on some wet and dry to grind it flat.  Keep the wet and dry wet and do it in a ventilated area with a mask, you really don’t want ground glass in the air.  Personally , life is too short, they are only cheap, if the glass is that warped buy another and keep and close eye on it so you spit any issues within the return window.





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