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Sukhoi Su-57


Su-57 from Wiki in English


This aircraft I can call the best a/c ever built. After getting details of this a/c and getting through all the properties, this is an accumulation of all refinements of today’s aero-design. Beside the aero-design, the jet propulsion belongs also to the latest developments. The electronic, avionic and weapon technology fulfills every desire you may have today. Why is this development such a glory?

Well, the way up to the sky is not a straight one. Very bumpy with many setbacks.

The Russians learned. Each design can become a good design, if you are under really very hard pressure. Otherwise, you will not create a good design. It would be a low compromise. If you have a strong need, a shortage on materials, everything like this can push you forward.

After all the decades from th1960s on until today, the jet fighter development all over the world went in an interesting way. After collecting the knowledge of supersonic flight, and the creation of fighters, which can fly them, some nations learned their lessons, and some not. Some nations thought, with money you can buy everything, but wisdom and intelligence you cannot buy in the supermarket or at the black market. Wisdom takes time to grow. Decades and generations.

The design of every aircraft tells us a story about the people behind. The people who ordered it and the people who designed it. Such a thing cannot lie. It is. It is a fact. It talks to us more, as somebody may like it.

So, do the F-35 and the Su-57 talk to us.

Happy modelling


I was in the design field for decades. I got the clue, to read from designs and programs, the same way, as people in Bletchley Park read the keys of the Enigma. In my work, it took us (office of 5 people) two decades to overrun a worldwide company with thousands of specialists.

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Here are some more detailed information:

Distinktive the differences to the F-22


The Su-57 Protype 2010


Read it and make your own conclusion!


Happy modelling

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