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I'm thinking of buying some Abteilung oils for weathering my ships/carriers.

I have good selection of models I would like to weather from WWII to modern.

Could anybody recommend the best colours please ?




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OK Simon

I'll have a go at this since no-one else has picked it up.

I have a whole bunch of oils left over from AFV modelling - too many!

A tube will last you a lifetime if all you are using it for is modelling

BTW AK do a range specially targeted at ship modelling.  Their oil tends to be less viscous and more fluid and IMO slightly less easy yo use than Mig "502 Abteilung".


Bear in mind that my ship modelling has not been extensive and has been mainly 1/72


AK oils

AK500 Light grey highlights

AK501 Dark grey fading

AK502 Shadows for grey ships

AK 503 Light rust


Mig "502 Abteilung"

Abto90 Industrial earth - My absolute "go-to" most uesd oil paint for ships, ideal for grime and shadowing

Abt 110 Black - ideal for smoke and fender scrapes

Abt 165 Faded UN white

Abt 199 Faded grey


The new Mig "oilbrushers are convenient but relatively expensive for what you get but I use "Starshp Filth" as an alternative grime to "Industrial earth"


I would not buy more than 6 of any of the above - you just won't use them IMHO

Hot-tip if you didn't already know is to always place a dab of oil onto some absorbent cardboard which tends to soak up the base oil leaving you with pure pigment which is what you are interested in.

Washes using white spirit is one commn way to apply but I often prefer "dry" dabbing with a short bristled brush and rubbing off excess with cotton buds.

The master of oils in AFV modelling is Michael Rinaldi, and it's well worth checking out one of his books for inspiration.

The AK DVD "Weathering German Ships" is also really useful.




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In the David Griffith book, Ship Models from Kits. he suggested artists oil paint black, white, a dark brown such as burnt umber and a blue, either ultramarine or indigo.

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