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Scottish Whisky Distilleries and Telford

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On 30/01/2020 at 17:59, Billy54 said:

Hello, I was wondering if any of the Britmodeller posters could provide any feedback or comments on a trip my son and I are planning for late October and early November this year. So far the only part we know for sure is to attend Scale Model World in Telford arriving on Friday and departing on Monday (6th through 9th November).

We will be departing from Los Angeles and plan to be away for approximately 10 days. A tentative schedule would look like this arriving in London, traveling to Scotland, visiting SCM, a day or two in London and then returning home to LA. We don't want it to be an exhaustive trip and don't want to be busy doing something every day however we do plan to visit a couple of the whisky distilleries and do a little sight seeing. We plan to get around by public transportation or taxi/Uber and have no desire to rent a car and drive ourselves.

I feel we have a good handle on the SMW part of the visit because of the IPMS site however we would welcome any comments about traveling from Birmingham to Telford - getting from the airport to the train station, getting around Telford etc. We have reservations to stay at the Ramada for our SWM stay.

The questions we have mainly concern visiting the whisky distilleries of Scotland. The two areas we are considering are Speyside and Islay. We don't know if a visit to both areas are possible in the time frame we have set and would be content if we only got to visit one. Based on what have determined from the internet a visit to Speyside seems easier and we were considering staying in Dufftown and visiting at least the Balvenie, Dufftown and Glenfiddich distilleries. We are aware that we may have to book a visit in advance to these distilleries but were wondering how to  from our hotel in Dufftown to each distillery, could we walk to each one or are taxis/Uber available and a better choice? Islay distilleries seems to be more scattered and internet information doesn't seem to be as complete as that of Speyside.   

I guess some questions would be how to get from Edinburgh airport to Dufftown? Is Dufftown a good choice for what we want to do? Would staying at Inverness or anywhere else, be a better choice?

We would appreciate any and all comments on what we plan to do on this trip


Just picked up on this discussion. I'm as quick as ever!! 😂.I admit to not having scrolled through previous posts so, apologies for any duplication of info.

Sorry you had to cancel your trip but, glad you are thinking about a future visit.

I have some info which might be of use to you.

To answer your question about travel from Edinburgh to Dufftown, you can do this by public transport using a combination of train and bus. You can travel to Elgin via Inverness or Aberdeen by train and then by local bus from Elgin to Dufftown. 

Do bear in mind though that the Highlands of Scotland are quite sparsely populated and, the frequency of bus/train services reflects this.

I love Speyside malts but, given the choice, I would still go to Islay!! 🤣🥃!

If you're interested,then you can get to Glasgow from Edinburgh by bus. Citylink runs a frequent service direct from the airport to Glasgow Buchanan St bus station. From there, there are (3 I think) services daily to Campbeltown from where you take a ferry to Islay.

There is a local bus service on Islay but, I don't know which destinations are served.

I will be going with my partner next year!! Funny thing is, she used to hate whisky!! 😊



Ps, there are 9 distilleries on Islay :







Caol Ila




Pps -  Whatever you do, enjoy and, please take time to visit my beautiful city of Edinburgh😊

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