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1/700 F-35's and Seahawks

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First, the answers that won't help you. The best styrene F-35B comes in the Tamiya Ibuki kit, a fictional variant of the Izumo helicopter destroyer. The best styrene F-35C comes in the brand new Pit Road stealth fighter aircraft set. You get two nice SH-60J helicopters in either of the most recent Pit-Road JMSDF upgrade sets (either NE10 or NE11) - they are pretty much SH-60B's with the right paint and decals. But all of these are pretty wasteful if all you want are the specific aircraft.


A much more efficient way to go are the Trumpeter SH-60B, SH-60F, MH-60S, or HH-60H sets, which are also excellent but molded in clear plastic which I don't like. None of the kits I mentioned include photo etch, but almost all photo etch for ship kits include helicopter blades. I don't know any styrene F-35B or C alone sets released up to now. They exist in resin (like the amazing Orange Hobby ones), but those are at a price that makes getting the entire Ibuki kit more thinkable.

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