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More Air National Guard Mustangs (48036) - 1:48 Iliad Design

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More Air National Guard Mustangs (48036)

1:48 Iliad Design




Iliad have sent us some of their latest releases, this one being their second sheet for US Air National Guard Mustangs. Post WWII nearly all the US ANG units had the P-51D later designated the F-51D. 


Arriving in a ziplok bag, each set has a set of profiles as the cover page, with the decal sheet visible on the flipside so you can readily see what you're buying with the flick of a wrist.  The printing is up to their usual standard, having good registration, colour density and sharpness, with a thin carrier film cropped close to the printed areas.  The instructions are printed next to the profiles, with relevant points marked with arrows, and on the reverse are overhead views with the same arrowed captions.


The sheet provides decals for 4 States ANG Units.  The schemes are;


1. Oklahoma 125th Fighter Sqn.

2. Minnesota ANG 

3. Texas ANG, based at Ellington Field.

4. Washington ANG, 116th Fighter Sqn.






Scroll down to find the sheet


Review sample courtesy of


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