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My latest offering. WIP here: 

















This is the Monogram AH-1S, modified using the Cobra Company's AH-1G conversion kit to turn it into an AH-1P. This aircraft and her sister, 76-22598, were brought to Australia for the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) and were de-militarised in such a way that one flyer could be made from both. I worked on it for over a year and we were well on the way to getting '592 flying when the bloke sponsoring the project went broke (a familiar story in the warbird community). Both are now firmly static displays - '598 in the HARS home base at Albion Park Rail (near Wollongong) and '592 is at the annexe in Parkes, NSW.


Lots of mods, some of which I've forgotten but those I remember are:


  • Cobra Company's engine and transmission cowls, chin turret and seats
  • Eduard's etched set (door handles, door frames, gunner's mirror, gunsight and tail rotor pedals)
  • Cut the Main Rotor Blades free of the Hub, modified the Hub Grips to look more like they should and twisted the blades to look like they usually do at rest
  • Cut the bulged windows out of the frames and replaced them with scratchbuilt flat window panes
  • Opened the doors and scratchbuilt gas struts for both
  • Made the Helmet Sighting System from wire rod, plastic and copper wire strands
  • Made wander lights and leads from scrap plastic and copper wire strands
  • Made intercom leads from copper wire strands
  • Added Minigun (from an old Fujimi OH-58 kit) and 40 mm grenade launcher (from brass tube) barrels to the turret
  • Fitted weapon sway braces from a Tamiya P-51D to the outer wing weapon stations
  • Fitted spurious brass etch from the Eduard Tornado GR.4 set to the outer weapon stations
  • Scratchbuilt an exhaust vent and exhaust deflector mounts above the Tailboom junction
  • Modified the Pitch Change Links to fit the defected Main Rotor Blades
  • Scratchbuilt anti-collision and navigation lights from stretched clear sprue
  • Made vent screens for the aft Tailboom access panel
  • Made a Fuel Filler Port and Fuel Cap from old steel etch
  • Opened up the engine intakes and cowl vents
  • Rescribed the panel lines
  • Lightly weathered the Tail Rotor Drive Shaft access panels under the exhaust where the heat had discoloured the finish a little and added light staining to th elower fuselage
  • Werner's Wings AH-1F stencil sheet decals used for all markings


I think that's the lot. Much of the stuff in the cockpit isn't visible, partly due to the one colour used in it (black).




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Thanks. Bit disappointed with the way the windows turned out but overall pretty happy. Looks nice on the shelf.

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