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Australian Mirage IIIO Markings

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I have an old Microscale decal No.353-International Mirage.  One of the markings is for an Australian Mirage IIIO belonging to 75 Squadron.

One of the markings for this aircraft is large yellow triangles on the wings. I have not found any pics showing those markings. Does any body have pics they can 

post or explain why they were used for?

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The markings were aplied for 'friend and foe' identification during multi-aircraft air combat and other tactical exercises. The RAAF was not a multi-type fighter air force. If you wanted a fighter you got a Mirage or you got a Mirage. Hence the need to distinguish the same type of aircraft in different roles in exercises. These markings took different forms at different times over the years. Sometines just yellow or dayglo orange or red bands applied on wings and/fuselage in temporay paint.


A few more shots of No. 75 Squadron's markings at Butterworth, Malaysia, circa 1977. Initially only the triangles were applied to upper and lower surfaces of the wings but, later, the fin was also finshed in yellow. These were in 'permanent' paint which proved difficult to remove in 'tight' places; hence the change to the 'temporary', more easily removed paint in later years. The topic is covered in Mottram and Mason's Mushroom Publication book.  You will also find a lot of Mirage photos on Darren Mottram's website at: http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Mirages/Mirages-20.html

Hope that helps,

Peter M







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