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Gulf war Tornado how-to

Jakub Cikhart

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Hi gents and gals,

with the imminent release of Eduard Tornado Gr.1 in 1:48, I started a page of what to use, decals etc etc. Then, I decided, what the hell, I can make it for other scales too. So, long story short. Here is the ultimate How to on Gulf war Tornadoes. It is still in progress, mainly the F.3/ADV part.

If you have any additions/corrections/ideas, please let me know.

Thanks !

Gulf war Tornado How-to

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You might want to change a glaring mistake. 

There is no such weapon as a CPU 123/B.  The correct name for The RAF LGB is the 1000lb HE Paveway II (UK).


For your information the CPU 123/B is the small section of the Paveway guidence that lies between the front canard fins and the cone shape fairing on the Early models of the Paveway II  MAU169 guidance attached to the front of the bomb.   The CPU 123 is cylindical, about  25 cm long and about 20cm in diameter and weighs  about 3KG, Later models of MAU 169 have the forward section in one piece  so dont have this fitted.

Obviously someone in the past read the data off this section  ignored the data marked on the other sections and the guidance master identifier, and assumed that the entire guidance was called this.




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Good stuff!

I would change that background image tile to something with a less contrast and features on it.

As it is, reminds me of those pages in the very early days of the Internet :-)


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