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Been a long time since I called in at Britmodeller, but seeing as I've finished this one I thought I'd at least pop on a few pics.........................




Sorry it's been a while since I've been around ... real life and all that. .............. Hello to anyone that remembers me, and I hope everyone's been keeping well.


Cheers all ... Andi.

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Welcome back Andi mate - and with an absolutely cracking build!  Superb finish and textures, that seat is brilliant (it's all brilliant tbh!)





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MFH's kit + your mastery of finishes is not forgotten. Museum quality work.

Did you add any scratchbuilt pieces Andi?

This looks like a Wingrove model.........

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Very nice to see this completed Andi. It really has come together very well and would easily be mistaken for the real thing, the 'look' I know you were trying to achieve.

Love the colour choice and, as usual, there is so much depth in the build, it's possible to spot gems every time you look. Particularly like the exhaust effects at the moment, probably because I am at that point in my current build 😉


Hopefully I will be able to see the Harley up close and personal before too long.


All the best Andi bloke. 

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