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Another Airfix Ju87B - Spanish!


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I see we have a couple of the wonderful looking Airfix Ju87B already in the GB and I wonder if i can join with the same. I intend to build the boxed Condor Legion option. I started this last week at my local modelling group as it was a build night, so here is starting pic and progress to date.


Obligatory and excellent box art! Interestingly 'designed and manufactured in the UK' - surpise and welcome.




To prove not started!




Cockpit progress on build night - I take my time!




Main cockpit parts painted. Matt black primer then RLM02 light spray to hopefully pick out the detail




Seems to be a step up in quality from other Airfix kits I've built. Now waiting for aftermarket pilot seat with seatbelts.

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Of course you can join in the fun - everybody is invited. It is interesting that most new tool 1/48 kits are of the B-1. I guess for most one Berta is enough and the B-1 was released first.


Enjoy your build.

Cheers, Peter


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42 minutes ago, CliffB said:

A quality kit and a quality build!  Enjoy the masking :D.




Thanks - I was looking forward to the build as the Stuka has always been a favourite aircraft of mine. The kit is crisply moulded but there are a few sink holes and the fit is 100% in places and then difficult to fit in others, so I lost enthusiasm. With the glazing going on I'm getting my mojo back for it - then remembered the canopy masking..... Will push on for the GB deadline.

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OK so I've run out of time on this one - painting has commenced so its home straight but will not be competed for today's deadline. I'm blaming the Nordic GB, for which I completed an amazing two models for! Also weather even in NE Scotland was lovely yesterday, so the garden got this model makers attention....


Here is where I got to this afternoon:


Primed with Tamiya light grey from a can\, usually smooth....




Tried some mottling with a light grey mist coat




Blue underside again subtly mottled - too subtle in the photo!




So that's it - white wingtips, then onto masking the jagged camo pattern


Well done to all those who completed on time!

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4 hours ago, Basilisk said:

Even though not finished in time, the build looks great and I hope you keep at it.

Cheers, Peter

Thanks Peter


Its OK and potentially a nice kit. There are a few too many sink marks that I decided not to fill but once the painting is done I think they wont be too readily seen. Painting is my favourite part of model making, but difficult to get a nice clean finish I find. I will finish it and post on the main RFI page.



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