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Takom 1/35 Hanomag SS 100

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I'd never heard of this particular truck but the moment I laid eyes on this kit I wanted one! I just love the unorthodox looks of this bad boy. The huge front end which houses an equally huge engine, the shape of the cab, the rear end with the fuel tank and toolbox... yep, I love it to bits. 


This is the kit: 




Takom did a fine job on this one. Crisply molded, great fit, clear instructions. It was a joy to build. 


Here's the WIP: 



I built it OOB, save for the front license plate which I nicked from a MiniArt truck kit, along with the decals. I did use the rear license plate from the Hanomag kit and cut the MiniArt decal to shape. Oh and I made the towing thing on the front bumper. Lastly, I cut off the molded on door handles (that should be illegal on a kit like this) and re-attached them on a bit of rod.  Everything else is box stock, without any additional detailing because in this case I was purely interested in the looks of this machine. 


This is the engine, lots of molded on detail. 




Funny... I decided to install the fan after painting. Of course, I forgot about the thing until I came across it in the box, after I closed up.... Oh well, one fan for the spare parts box.


I mixed up 2 shades of green using Vallejo Model Colour paints, a lighter one for the interior and a darker one for the exterior, in a post-war civilian livery. You can read the exact mixtures in the WIP if you're interested. Mudguards and running boards are black, the roof is a lightened German Grey. I didn't want everything to be the same colour. The whole thing is brush painted.


A shot of the interior: 




Nothing fancy there.


When painting the exterior I used some Vallejo masking fluid to create a chipped effect. I drybrushed with gun metal and various shades of brown to create the dirty / dusty effect. Some pigments and Tamiya weathering powder on the tyres. I tried to add a streaking effect with a light grey wash and it seems to have worked, I'd never done that before. The paint chips are treated with Vallejo's Rust Texture, which I applied with a small brush and then wiped with my finger. 


Time for pics, here goes!





















It was a really fun build, I hope you like it! 


Full album here if you're interested.


Thanks for looking in.

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Another very nice project completed in double quick time. It looks as though you're targetting last year's 7 kits already.


With the 'styling' of this one, I was half-expecting to see a Heinkel engine or similar under the bonnet :)


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Thanks, yes I saw this one earlier, these things are fantastic. I might just do another one in restored state like this.

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