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Dekno BA Eagle 1/72 Spanish Civil War


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Hello 👋 


After encouragement from @JOCKNEY and a few others, I am going to enter one here.


It is for the Spanish Civil War II Group Build that didn’t make it. I was going to be the host, I will return and edit this, place the co-hosts names here soon.


I’m in hospital at the moment, Inverclyde. Everything will be done by iPhone. If images don’t show, please let me know.


I will be building the recently released, by Dekno of Catalonia, British Aviation Eagle in Spanish Civil War markings.


It is 1/72. Tiny, but it looks lovely in the box 😊.



There may still be a special offer on the website. Worth checking; there often are offers and discounts for two or three models.


All ‘Golden Era’ and/or SCW or racing/record aircraft; my favourite era and types.


I must stress that new Dekno is very, very different to old Dekno. Superb Resin models with beautiful detail. 

I will start once out of hospital. Not long.


Best regards

Tony T



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Sorry to hear that you are back in hospital Tony. However they are a great source for scalpel blades, hypodermic needles and other handy modelling supplies. Also very useful if you ever need to have a cut plastered or a few stitches inserted as a result of removing those resin casting blocks. 

They're not so keen on you airbrushing though. 

Hope you're home soon 


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Hi Tony,


I am sure you will be out in no time and ship shape. Being in Scotland, don't they put whisky in the drips? 

Glad to know the new Dekno kits are better, as the old ones were a torture.

This is indeed a beautiful little kit.


Get better, and having fun modelling can only help!



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Thank you for the kind words everyone. I have been home a few weeks, now finally ready to get on with this. All my builds will be slow at the moment. Mrs T, until we get immigration stuff sorted out, is currently normally 11,000 miles away.


She is here for a little while and has told me to get cracking with modelling, but not make any promises. SWMBO really is almost always right, whereas yours truly increasingly often makes a bit of a buffoon of himself. 

Therefore, I will be following my good lady’s advice, whilst trying to do this lovely little kit justice. A model that I never thought any manufacturer would release. How I wish someone would release a new Avro Avian, a BA Swallow, a Comper Swift in 1/72 :pray:.

All released in the past, but nothing new for some time.


Still, this one has been released so: onwards and upwards 😊.

Photographs to follow. Glue and bits of wire, paints, to be ordered 😉.


Elsewhere, a vac form will be attempted of something completely different, following much kind encouragement from a certain Mr. @JOCKNEY. It is small, unusual and could be fun, even if just in terms of watching me make a complete dogs dinner of it 😁 !


Best regards 


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