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1:48 Pilot And Deck Crew - Sculpting

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Since I Have some Free Weekends this month....Decided to make a Simple Base For This one


Already Scratch-built a simple "Mototok" type Tug out of cardboard pieces and some guitar strings to go along a hand painted Deck Base






And last week , I started sculpting a couple of figures out of epoxy clay

Sure, I can buy some online... but it seems more fun to make em myself.... and its super super super cheap :D 


So,here we go

The supplies : Indians would really appreciate these, I believe ;) 

The Colours are mostly basic, so any colour i need...I have to mix them myself ...super cheap..love em :) 

Epoxy Clay... dries hard, water soluble initially...i also use it for filling gaps in model joints...extremely cheap... Love it :D 

clear resin epoxy, colour inks...for making transparency... Don't have clear acrylic paints here ...not for cheap atleast...so i make my own work around... comparatively cheap.... Works!!! :P 

varnishes...the usual stuff








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Day #2 :

Last Night I added the rough details to the two figures

used old credit card pieces to make a remote for the tug

Pilot Mask hose is actually a Guitar String




Looks good so far... Now to tackle today.... See ya in a few hours...

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Day #3 :

completed surface details... forgot to log :P

ehh...Primed and ready for paint I Say... feeling good about these!! B) 





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Day #4 :

Painted, matte varnished

Visor and goggles made by mixing clear epoxy glue and transparent inks of different colours

Gloss Varnished

And Done!!!...




This turned out a fun little project 


Next up...  base setup

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On 1/25/2020 at 2:12 PM, Bandsaw Steve said:

Nice- might be trying something similar myself one day so thanks for posting this info.

Thank You for your kind words  :) 

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