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Denmark and Norway: A pair of MLU F-16:s

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Ummmm you confused me but that's ok.


I followed the link (that can be dangerous at times......) and am now with you. I had completely forgotten about your F-16 production line.


Welcome along and hopefully you can finally complete them, good luck.


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Just wondering if you could share some of these F-16 builds in both this and ‘they also serve’ GB’s V.P? That way you can enter a few in this gallery where they would be most suited. 
Cheers and all the best.. Dave 

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1 hour ago, reini said:

Wait a second, you said five - but I count seven cockpits?? :D

That's one way of clearing out the stash :D 

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On 1/20/2020 at 6:56 AM, vppelt68 said:

More like shelf of shame!

Either way it's all good ;) 

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