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5 AM:s in (not 50) Shades of Grey - and a B IDF too

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This sorta attacked me from the bushes. These builds stalled 3 years ago in Rich's F-16 STGB, maybe I got overexcited back then... Now I know this is doable during the whole year long They Also Serve GB. And this is a multi-GB-theme build, though it only includes the BM:s most hated aircraft; not only one but five grey F-16 MLU:s! Which themes, then?

1) Nordic; Denmark, Inherent Resolve

2) Small Wars; Norway, Odyssey Dawn

3) 90's NATO; The Netherlands, Allied Force

4) Yanks Abroad; Belgium, Tiger Meet

5) KUTA (yes); Portugal, Baltic Air Policing

Edit: 6) Italy, no specific ops

I'll describe the specific planes better, later. I try to show the differences (!) in their grey camouflage and change in weaponry in last close to 20 years.


Well, not 50 shades, but... Plenty.


Old notes from three years back :thumbsup:


Fuselage halves.


Tails etc.


All things F-16. Including a pair of Mavericks too.


Litenings, Snipers and JDAM:s.


Decals and DACO strenghtening plates. Wish me luck! V-P

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Good luck! That is pretty crazy - five same models at the same time. Most I've done is three :D


Will be interesting, though! Are they all the same model kit btw?

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Well I have been crazy enough to try building 5 747s, 2 of which are conversions and 4 are Whifs at the same time and then start building an il-86 Whif as well so, all the best with this endeavour!

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:yahoo:it took only three years to assemble the cockpits and attach them to fuselage upper halves. I must do some paint repairs here and there, that ACES II is a really tight fit in the narrow tub. V-P



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I really need to start reading tags as well as headers, I've been missing this but no more, hell, I think I've more F-16 kits that Spitfires ( ;)  just kidding)  so a thread like this is well grist to my mill. :)


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