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The Russian Skoryi Class Destroyer - Kagero Top Drawings No. 82 via Casemate UK


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The Russian Skoryi Class Destroyer

 Kagero Top Drawings No. 82 via Casemate UK

ISBN : 9788366148512




The Skoryi Class destroyers look like classic destroyers, they are sleek with high bows, twin turrets fore and aft with torpedo tubes amidships. They were the first post war destroyers built for the Soviet Navy, with an impressive 70 being built from 1949 to 1953.  Twin enclosed turrets fore and aft contained twin 130mm guns. AA armament was one twin 85mm gun and 7 single 37mm guns. 2 banks of 5 533mm torpedo tubes were carried.  The class were modernised in the late 50s with new AA guns, radars and sonars. One bank of torpedo tubes was also removed to provide extra accommodation. 




This is the latest book from Kagero in their Top Drawing series, and like the previous books it has a brief history and the ships specifications at the beginning. The rest of the 20 pages are filled with beautifully drawn diagrams of almost every piece of equipment on the ship. Unusually for this series there aren’t any drawings of the hull, the largest section being covered is the superstructure. The main reason for the book are the the two double sided A2 foldout sheets, the first of which has a three view line drawing of the complete ship on one side, the other side containing smaller scrap views. . The second sheet contains 3 colour side views of three of the class,  The opposite side of sheet 2 contains 3d perspective views as well as additional detail views. 





This is another good book in the series. The pullout sheets are also wonderful to see.  This is certainly a very useful book for all modellers. Recommended. 




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