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Bandai AT-AT (non-canon scheme!)😎

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen! In this build I intend creating a somewhat different looking AT-AT from the canon version many of you are used to. Hopefully this won't upset too many of you! :wicked: Those of you familiar with my crazy thinking know what's in store! :mental: Below are some examples of the type of thing I'm looking to achieve. 😜


My rational behind a scheme like this is that the Empire was looking to both improve the survivability of its mobile heavy assets and intimidate the enemy with an imposing scheme. With something as big as an AT-AT being difficult to hide in a desert environment I decided to base this scheme(s) on the Dazzle camouflage as used on ships during World War One. Plus, it looks cool! :cool:

Also, because of the sensitive nature of Bandai plastic I won't be using any enamel based weathering products. Instead I'll be using Derwent water colour pencils, Prismacolor pencils, Faber-Castell PITT artists pens, Vallejo Model Wash, Vallejo Retarder Medium 70597, Vallejo Glaze Medium 70596 and Matisse Drying Retarder to achieve all the weathering on this model. I'll explain all their uses along the way. 🎓

But first, the boring stuff!



Seams filled with Mr Hobby - Mr White Putty R, thinned with Mr Hobby  - Mr Color Leveling Thinner 400.





With regards to the top of the feet, I decided to remove the molded on detail provided on the kit part and just keep it plain and flat.


The feet will get a lot of attention later on, as I will be showing the dirt/wear marks left by the compression of the feet (as illustrated below).


The neck section received a lot of work to get rid of the join seam. This was achieved using files and Tamiya Extra Thin glue to help melt the plastic and hide the file marks.



Next, with all the parts (except the legs) ready to go, the parts were sprayed Stynylrez Black thinned with Isopropyl alcohol.


Don't forget the inside of the main body............................


......................and the inside of the head.


The red cockpit part (blue arrow) will be added later, after painting is finished.

Next step will be to check over the primed parts and see if anything needs sanding etc. Then on to the painting!



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33 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Good to see you back on here, Richard. I'll take the legs of No 204 and the Bodywork of No 663 please.

(Although No 607 is looking rather saucy!)

😁 Noted! I haven't made any concrete decisions yet, so we'll see! I may even create some completely new variations for this build. Plus starboard side and top patterns.


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22 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Good to see you back on here, Richard. I'll take the legs of No 204 and the Bodywork of No 663 please.

(Although No 607 is looking rather saucy!)

I was gonna say 663 because of the body too, but if we are mixing and matching I'd vote 663 body with 607 legs myself.  Looking forward to this build.

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On 1/15/2020 at 7:59 AM, Gekko_1 said:

In this build I intend creating a somewhat different looking AT-AT from the canon version many of you are used to. Hopefully this won't upset too many of you! :wicked:

I’ll take the body of 663 and the head/legs of 614. Going to follow this of course, as I find your work in camouflage design quite interesting. 


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The painting begins!

The usual acrylic issues raised their ugly head. You know...........blockages, spitting, clogging etc


I will persevere with acrylics for this build, but may do an AT-ST in lacquer paints next time.


This underneath section will be the first to receive the weathering treatment.


The tops of the feet needed some more filling!


Notice how well I manages to get rid of the join line here?



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6 hours ago, Kushan_Farsight said:

Some very nice schemes! Personally 607 is the winner there for me.  Do you plan to do other vehicles in a similar scheme, will this sit on a diorama, or is it a stand alone model?

Yes. Have you seen my AT-ST?

Plus more profiles here:

This one will be magnetised onto a block of wood sprayed semi-gloss black.



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  • 1 month later...

Excited to see how this goes Richard, your work on camo is always a treat to watch.


607 would be my choice. I like the fact that there's few straight lines, looks more natural (a natural AT-AT? Sounds weird?). I also like the balance of colours, no dominant colour, but has a more of the lightest tone in it.


Looking forward to seeing more 



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Hi guys, sorry about the lack of updates. I've been quite busy with weathering experiments though, just haven't been able to upload all of it yet. I work as a Nightfiller at a Supermarket here in South Australia and to say things have become scary would be an understatement! Its so strange that people like me have gone from being ignored, bullied and disrespected by the majority of people, to a now front-line well respected and thanked essential service worker! :rolleyes: It just makes me laugh (on the inside) that now I'm "so important" whereas nothing has actually changed in my job at all. I guess its just that now people have realised that without the 'little people' like me doing what we do "they" could actually face starvation? Its also quite frightening that any of "them" could now actually make me very ill or even kill me if they're infected with this Corona Virus. ☣️ Anyway, enough of that!

My intention on this build is to demonstrate the ability to weather these Bandai Star Wars kits without any risk of plastic breaking, stressing or cracking that is commonly experienced by using enamel based weathering products on Bandai kits.

First off we have the 4 main Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens that I’ve used in this build. They being:

Walnut Brown 177
Warm Grey V 274
Cold Grey IV 233
Raw Umber 180


Next are the Derwent watercolour pencils..............

Burnt Sienna 62
Chocolate 66
Ivory Black 67


And the final component are the Vallejo Model Washes:

76.521 Oiled Earth
76.516 Grey
76.518 Black


The Faber-Castell markers are manipulated using Isopropyl alcohol just like you’d use odorless enamel thinners for enamel weathering products.


The Derwent watercolour pencils and Vallejo Model Washes are thinned and or manipulated with Vallejo Retarder Medium 70597.........................................


Vallejo Glaze Medium 73596........................................................


and Matisse Drying Retarder.


Here's some examples of all of these products combined............................





As you'll see in upcoming installments, the weathering of the underside will go through many adjustments and additions as newer products are introduced enhancing things even more!



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Next are some more images of the process just before I managed to get my hands on some of the new AK Interactive Pencils and 3rd generation acrylic paints to test out for myself.






The effect I'm going for here is a heavy industrialised, worn, mechanical, greasy, dirty look. I'm trying to bring an element of real-world realism into this science fiction subject to give it a little more believe-ability.



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34 minutes ago, Gekko_1 said:

The effect I'm going for here is a heavy industrialised, worn, mechanical, greasy, dirty look

Bring it on! It's looking better and betterer. Meantime, I'm playing spot the greeblies!

So far, Harrier engines, jerrycan, ships gun turret and in the last picture, a German armoured car and a Sherman suspension unit?

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So, as I mentioned above, I managed to get myself some AK Interactive pencils and a few bottles of the new 3rd generation acrylic paint.



I'll be using the Leather Brown in the camouflage scheme. The Rubber Black and Off White to lighten or darken and the Florescent Magenta for identification panels on the top of the AT-AT.


These two colours will be mixed 50/50 to replicate the Vallejo Radome Tan.



Two more shots of the underside showing additional staining, rust streaks etc this time using the AK Interactive pencils and Matisse Drying Retarder.


Testing out a wash using Vallejo Model Washes and Glaze Medium. Here still wet...........................


.............................and dry.


Silver base being prepared for hairspray technique.............................


After the hairspray had dried I applied a coat of Ammo Mig 041 Dark Rust. I sped-up the drying time using a hair dryer. For some reason this caused the cracking that you see here.


After water applied by brush, chipping the paint down to the silver.


And here after a wash.

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20 hours ago, Bandsaw Steve said:

Excellent weathering techniques Mr Gekko! 

Am looking and learning! 👀 


Great colour schemes too.

The best is yet to come! B)

There'll be 'a foot' in the right direction next!

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My two great modelling loves are camouflage schemes and weathering. When I was a young boy I used to love to paint-up my Airfix 32nd scale soldiers and take them out into the yard and see how well they looked in amongst the grass and sticks. This then progressed on to my Matchbox cars, Dinky Toys and model tanks. Later on in life I took this learning to a whole new level as an Infantry soldier. Camouflage and concealment was something I excelled at. I remember well one day out in the bush a junior Officer asked my Section Corporal where I was, only to be told I was "there". There, being approximately 2 meters away from him, lying down next to a gum tree. His startled reply was.............."Oh". :wicked:

The 'selling' of the concept of this tri-colour desert camouflage scheme will rely on me conveying its scale through weathering. And so with the non-destructive (for Bandai plastic kits) weathering materials all sorted out its on to the scheme and weathering techniques! With that in mind I thought I'd start off with something simple. So I decided to do a foot and use that as the test piece going forward. :hobbyhorse:


With the scheme roughly penciled-in I applied painters tape and silly putty for the dark brown.


Then for the light sand.




Here we see it with the first of the acrylic washes applied. The wash consisted of:

2 x Vallejo Model Wash 76523 European Dust
1 x Vallejo Model Wash 76515 Light Grey
8 x Vallejo Glaze Medium
4 x water
6 x dish washing liquid diluted mix
3 x Vallejo Matt Varnish.


Here we see it after three coats of the above wash applied with about a days worth of drying time in between. The white mess you can see is the reaction caused by me spraying Tamiya rattle can Matt varnish too soon, before the wash had dried properly. :frantic:


Not to worry! The solution was to spray some Mr Color GX UV Cut Flat Super Clear over it. Sorted! (next time Richard don't be so bloody impatient! :oops:)

As you can see, some of the chipping and rust etc has begun. Much more to come yet for that little foot!


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1 hour ago, Gekko_1 said:

As you can see, some of the chipping and rust etc has begun

Noted and admired. looking good. BTW, Those pencils look sharper than allowed under the Geneva convention.

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Ahh, 'the game is afoo... no, I won't say it!  


Can I ask why you've got both the Glaze Medium and the Matt Varnish in the wash? Does it help it stick, as it were, or is there something else?


Looks great, just wondering tho. And the rust's coming along nicely. 


An impatient modeller? Isn't that ALL modellers? 





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