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Hi guys,


I recently finished the Spitfire VC by Special Hobby, in the boxing devoted to Malta Spitfires.  I have read several complaints on the net about this kit, but for my limited Spitfire expertise, it was ok.

The only thing I realized a bit too late was that the UC legs are a bit too long (at least compared with Eduard Spits).


I started by riveting the kit 





I choose the markings of BR 112 coded X, one can easily find  pics of this plane lying on a beach in Sicily.  To represent the famous 'Malta blue', I painted the kit in the Dark Earth, Mid Stone and Azure Blue desert scheme, using Gunze for the upper surfaces and a Tamiya mix for the Azure Blue.


On top of that I applied a thin and rather transparent coat of a mix of Gunze H 337 and H 42, leaving the Desert camo slightly visible. There is a patch on the top of the fuselage and also the tail unit who seem  not to

have been overpainted. The weathering was done with oil washes, India ink pens, and pigments.



























I hope you will like it,



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1 hour ago, cger said:

 I have read several complaints on the net about this kit, but for my limited Spitfire expertise, it was ok.


That's the net for you.... and echo chamber of incorrect info ...

The fuselage is too short, by about 3mm, split just in front of the cockpit and just in front of the tail.  Not a difficult fix if it bugs you.

this is a SH Seafire III fuselage fixed with an Airfix V for comparison (also checked against the known firewall to rudder post length)

this also moves the wing forward to the right place,look  at the white strip at the rear of the wing fillet for comparison, as the Sh thn needs a little reshaping there.

49385874312_1b927b501f_b.jpgAirfix vs SH cut fillet align IMG_0450 by losethekibble, on Flickr


If you are going to knock yourself out with riveting and the like, here's some more precise Spitfire information.


Spitfire leading edges are thicker metal, the rivets are flush, filled and rubbed down, and are almost invisible 1/1 size. (one glitch in the Eduard kit BTW


Wheel wells, the outer wheel part is the underside colour.  I have seen comments to the contrary,  depending on where you think the exterior/interior boundary is. 

this still from a May 1940 maintenance film, so a factory paint scheme,  shows the well is the underside colour, the interior leg part is the internal colour, aluminium.

48992641552_39cc4f653c_b.jpgSpitfire Mk.I maintenance film UC well colour by losethekibble, on Flickr


The upperwing roundels are a little too far out, there should be a small gap (2 inch in full size, so about 1mm in 1/48) between the leading edge and the rear edge.  RAF markings are not on control surfaces. 

There is a formula for RAF wing roundel placement, roundel centre is 1/3 wingspan in from wing tip,  (span from centreline) 

see page 7 of linked monograph for detail of the markings positions



All minor points,  hopefully of use for the next build ;) 


Overall a very neat build :goodjob:




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Impressive work on the riveting, and the weathering is amazing work. Well done!

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Nicely done Christian,....... it really looks the part compared to the original sat in the surf on a Sicilian beach,



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Notwithstanding a couple of minor points, an evocative miniature sculpture of a working Spitfire!


It would have been a further touch of authenticty to have the elevators droop, as they invariably do on a parked Spitfire. Also, I haven't seen the IFF aerial fuselage attachment point situated so high up. The colour photo of sgt. Weaver's machine on the beach doesn't really show the IFF aerial, but typically, it would've been attached like so:



Like I said, minor points on a magnificent and very convincing model.


Kind regards,



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This Malta Blue 's got some magic to me and I really love this kit!

The weathering is superb, but I think you forgot... the access door's interior. That looks just painted interior green and there's no attempt to any sort of shading or highlighting. I don't pretend the crowbar painted red, but It's right in front of you and it's in contrast with the wonderful work you've done on the exterior!!!

Anyway you're still in time!

Well done!


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thanks guys for the comments,  I plead guilty for the various errors, which I would have avoided if I had taken the time to ask on the forum ! 

(I am often too impatient).  Here is a pic of BR 112 showing the IFF aerial 




Spitfire31 is right , the attachment point on my model is much too high. This can be repaired I think. To answer to Massimo, my reasoning was that the access door interior should not

age as quickly as the airframe, but maybe a wash there would be appropriate,


have a nice day,



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I like this a lot! 👍👍


It's often difficult to replicate the colours on the Malta Spitfires, but I reckon yours is spot on. Well done 🍺

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That is a simply gorgeous model - fantastic paint and weathering!


13 hours ago, cger said:

To answer to Massimo, my reasoning was that the access door interior should not

age as quickly as the airframe, but maybe a wash there would be appropriate,


I've just checked out your flickr pics and it looks to me that you have done a wash there? It looks dirty enough to me anyway! And looking at the full size original pics in flickr shows just how superb your weathering looks in close up!



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I flipping love this, weather it’s accurate or the weathering is correct I don’t know. All I know is it looks excellent and you’ve shown some real skill with your work! I do love a malta spitfire 



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