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Meng King Tiger and interior

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Hi All,

Here is my Meng King Tiger with interior. I stole the presentation idea from some photos I saw on the web of the new Rye Field Panther G interior kit on display.

The Meng kits were incredible. The fit of the interior was PERFECT… yes PERFECT. So much so that a lot of it is just clicked together with no glue.

I added Model Kasten tracks, Voyager skirts, parts of a Voyager etched detail set and either a Voyager or Aber barrel. I forget…

I used Ammo interior paints for the interior, they were okay, a bit fragile. For the exterior I used a mix of Gunze and Tamiya acrylics with oil washes, streaking and some dust effects inside the various crew compartments.

The base is 3mm acrylic sheet (there is a box to go in top as well) and I used 3mm plastic tubing to hold the various bits and pieces.

7 and a half months to construct but I enjoyed every bit.

I’m no KT expert so please don’t worry if I got some colours or details wrong. I’ll be okay with it.

Thanks for looking.



More at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/kingtiger/Kingtiger.htm









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Hi Tim,

very well finished and presented the model, ideal for me, it would be that it could be assembled and disassembled, but I imagine that everything cannot be ...
In this way if you can see the entire interior (and the great work that entails), without problem or loss of detail ...

Cheers Tim 👍

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