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MQ-8 Firescout UAV 'copter

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This is the third kit I've built from this manufacturer. For limited run resin, their gems. They do a nice job of using different types of resins to accommodate the build of the kit; hard with fine lines for certain parts, softer to allow for some flex on others, etc.


Unfortunately, one of the landing skids was broken from the start. So I tried soldering on this kit. I think my results were a bit mixed from the perspective of fine detail, but no doubt the parts are much stronger and able to absorb handling.


















BTW - all these pics were taken with a Galaxy s9+ phone and several photog lights. In less time than it usually takes me to set up one shot on my Canon DSLR?!? I'm either dong something right with the phone, or VERY wrong with the Camera.




this is a jig I used to get the rotors lined up. It was a scrap piece from a previous project, and made lining up the blades pretty easy.




Drilled holes for the brass rod in preparation for the new landing gear




Getting the angles correct for the legs. you can see the solder at the bottom. You can also see the the one good skid just to the right.




Test fitting the struts to the airframe. You can see the high quality finish on the resin parts (I have no affiliation with the company, I'm just impressed with the finish and fit of these kits)




Skids are bent and matched for solder







Still some final sanding and shaping, but not too bad for my first try!!!





















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